There are many possible processes when starting a building project, however adequate time for planning is essential.  My primary work is to provide architectural services which include but are not limited to the following:

Site Planning: One of the most important aspects of a building is its relationship to the site.  I take particular care in studying the site and the program in order to design a building that belongs in its place, touches the ground appropriately, and relates to the environment.

Schematic Design: Comprehensive design of stand alone buildings and additions with a focus on sound planning relating to the buildings site.

Construction Documents: I partner with select engineers and create detailed construction documents with all necessary structural, mechanical. and electrical drawings.  The accuracy of construction details within a comprehensive drawing set is a primary focus.

Oversight during the Construction Process: In the event that the project is being built by another contractor, I provide as an architect regular sight visits to ensure that the construction is proceeding as designed. Throughout the construction process, I create additional detailed drawings required by the contractor.

I also provide general contracting services on select projects that I have designed.  I particularly enjoy the building process, and find that as the building takes shape, the opportunities for design are rich and rewarding.


For over ten years, I have provided my clients with in house custom designed cabinetry.  Dan Chouinard, Bernie Marvin, and I have worked together to build and install some of the most beautiful and thoughtfully detailed kitchens in New England.  In 2018, I will be opening the cabinet shop in our new location, a renovated 1927 former blacksmith's building.  With 4,000 square feet, this new space will allow us to spread out and improve our productivity.



The crafting of carefully selected materials can bring life to a building.  I take particular interest in working with various materials and exploring their individual strengths.  The beauty of raw Steel, Bronze, Pine or Douglas Fir will respond through time in varying ways to the salt air, the drops of rain, or the touch of a hand.